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Kindbridge connects your community to the mental health services your patients need.

For your health system, better mental health equals better overall health, but for managed care populations it can be hard to access those resources internally. Even harder is accessing those resources externally because the consistency of care and reporting are not always there. 

We give you a consistent solution of licensed and trained therapists who can either use your electronic medical record or hours, with consistent reporting that easily flows into your HEDIS reporting tools for a seamless patient and system experience. 

We can even adopt a capitated model to better fit with your needs 

All of our therapists have years of experience and dealing with mood disorders, addictions, and other similar areas that are handled by therapy, in addition to the trained expertise and gambling in video gaming.

Other Healthcare Providers

Kindbridge works effectively with pain management clinics, urgent care centers, addiction recovery centers, skilled nursing facilities, pediatric services, and others to deliver a mental health care experience that’s consistent with the needs of the patient and the operations of the health care provider 

Accessing mental health can be difficult and can have very long wait times or inability to accept insurance. It can be very costly and by the time the appointment is able to be scheduled, the situation may have changed. We want to change all that. 

By having a concierge membership approach, your patients go to the front of the line and usually can get an appointment within a week. 

Addiction Recovery

When people see an addiction recovery center, usually it’s either an inpatient program or an intense outpatient program.

Once this program is over, the next step is usually to refer the patient to somebody in their community who may or may not have the training or the understanding to affectively help manage that person situation we are here to help change that when a person is in recovery they need people who are experts in addiction.

All of our people are highly trained and supervised to make sure that we’re consistently providing the highest quality care possible to improve outcomes for each patient and for your facility because it is therapy it is oftentimes covered by insurance 

Insurance Alternatives

The high cost of health insurance has driven many organizations to look at alternative types of care.

Our partner HIPnation is one of these and there are many other innovative care delivery models.

We can work with all sorts of these organizations to provide the best access and outcomes for their mental health care needs. Whether it is a concierge membership capitated approach or something we haven’t even thought of yet, we’d love to help break ground and deliver the best experience and the best value for our partners and their patients. 

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