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High-quality, accessible mental health services for your patients.

Consistent quality of care and reporting

Better mental health equals better overall health. However, for managed care populations it can be difficult to access mental health services internally and even harder to find them externally because consistent care and reporting are not always available.

Our licensed and trained therapists provide a consistently high standard of care. They are experienced at dealing with the full spectrum of mental health conditions – including depression, anxiety, PTSD and eating disorders – with particular expertise in problematic gambling and video gaming.

We can use your electronic medical records or ours, to provide consistent reporting that easily flows into your HEDIS reporting tools, for a seamless patient and system experience. We can even adopt a capitated model to better fit your requirements.

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Virtual Behavioral Health Services

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Synergy with other healthcare providers

We work with pain management clinics, urgent care centers, addiction recovery centers, skilled nursing facilities, pediatric services and others to deliver a complete mental health care experience that meets the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

It can be very costly

There are often long wait times

By the time the appointment is scheduled, the situation may have changed

Insurance is sometimes not accepted

Virtual Behavioral Health Services

Your patients go to the front of the line

Accessing mental health care can be difficult for a number of reasons.

Kindbridge offers a fresh approach. By having concierge membership, your patients go to the front of the line and can usually get an appointment within a week.

1 Day

Kindbridge wait time.

21 Days

Average national wait time.

Exceptional patient experience

Our personalized approach means that patients are guided through treatment and recovery from their first contact with us. During the initial appointment, a Care Coordinator will discuss their goals and aspirations for therapy. This is followed by a matching appointment where patients are paired with a counselor who will use their clinical knowledge and expertise to recommend the most appropriate evidence-based treatment. Our Care Coordination team provides ongoing support throughout the patient’s recovery journey.

Meet with a Care Coordinator


Attend your appointment and we will discuss your goals and aspirations to help get a feel for what you are looking for in a Counselor.

Get matched with one of our Therapists


Your therapist will bring their clinical knowledge and expertise to help set your goals and get you on track right from the first meeting.

Begin your mental health recovery journey


You and your counselor will work together to build a plan of action that makes sense for your situation and will schedule an attendance cadence that will help you reach your goals.

Mental health care accessible from anywhere

Teletherapy allows patients to access high-quality mental health care from the comfort of their home, or from any location with internet.

Improved addiction recovery outcomes

After undergoing inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment, patients are usually referred to a local facility that may not have the specialist training to provide effective care. We are here to help change that. When a person is in recovery, they need access to specialist aftercare. All of our counselors are expertly trained to provide the highest quality care to improve outcomes for patients and your organization.

Managed Care Behavioral Health Programs Online

Insurance alternatives for a cost-effective approach

The high cost of health insurance has driven many organizations to look at alternative types of care. Our partner, HIPnation, offers an innovative healthcare solution that removes insurance, its restrictions and complexities from primary care. There are many other alternative delivery models available.

We can work with these organizations to provide excellent access to mental health care and positive recovery outcomes. Whether it’s a concierge membership, capitated approach or something we haven’t thought of yet, we will deliver the best experience and best value for our partners and their patients.

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Managed Care Behavioral Health Programs Online

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