Financial Recovery Group

Group Objective

Participants will understand how a healthy relationship with money can help them thrive. Using lectures, handouts and group interaction participants will examine their core beliefs and values related to money, how to track expenses, assess problematic spending, create a realistic budget and payback plan, improve interpersonal relationships, and explore triggers that can foil financial success.

Sessions Outline:

Session 1 – Introduction and establish agreed upon group rules. 

Session 2 – Explore participants core values and beliefs. How does the environment affect core values and beliefs? How can we determine fears, wants and needs related to money?

Session 3 – Experientially learn how to track spending. How much do we actually spend each day and by what means? How important is it to track casual expenses (i.e. Starbucks, cigarettes, dry cleaning)?

Session 4 – Determining if we have a problem. Are we spending more than our earnings? Are we in debt and how are we handling it? Are financial problems making us emotionally unhealthy?

Session 5 – Preparing a budget. Laying out a “snapshot” budget and gathering data. Decreasing expenses, increasing income?

Session 6 – Creating a workable budget.

Session 7 – Avoiding triggers. Examining past situations and interpersonal relations. Tools that can assist.

Session 8 – Conclude group by summarizing lessons learned and sharing participants’ experiences utilizing the financial recovery skills developed. 

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Marc Lefkowitz

Marc Lefkowitz ICGC-II has been a certified gambling counselor for over 20 years. Marc is a national speaker facilitating problem gambling trainings and workshops on topics including financial recovery, treatment, Gamblers Anonymous, technology and responsible gaming. In 2012, Marc received California’s Lifetime Achievement Award for working with problem gamblers and their families. He is a recovering gambler with over 38 years of recovery and recently earned the NCPG’s Jeff Beck Recovery Award. Marc is the Director of Programming for Kindbridge.