Communication Group

Group Objective

Participants will understand how communication impacts personal interactions, the various ways in which one communicates, and the messages being sent through various styles of communication. Participants will also explore how to improve their communication for healthier personal and social interactions.

Sessions Outline:

Session 1 – Introduction and establish agreed upon group rules. Review of the forms and types of communication. Forms including verbal, nonverbal, written, technology, in-person, virtual, listening. Types including passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. 

Session 2 – Explore challenges to effective communication. What happens? Able to get point across? Control emotions?

Session 3 – Explore the “Cs” of communication 5, 7, or 10. Discuss how the concept applies to interpersonal communication.

Session 4 – Practice effective communication skills. Listening, Empathy, Nonverbal Communication, Managing Emotions, Ask for Feedback.

Session 5 – Continue practicing effective communication skills using role playing, problem solving and clarifying strategies.

Session 6 – Develop communication plan for each participant to use when experiencing difficulties with effective communication.

Session 7 – Review practice skills to identify successful strategies and modifications needed.

Session 8 – Conclude group by summarizing lessons learned and sharing participants’ experiences utilizing the communication skills developed.

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Marc Lefkowitz

Marc Lefkowitz ICGC-II has been a certified gambling counselor for over 20 years. Marc is a national speaker facilitating problem gambling trainings and workshops on topics including financial recovery, treatment, Gamblers Anonymous, technology and responsible gaming. In 2012, Marc received California’s Lifetime Achievement Award for working with problem gamblers and their families. He is a recovering gambler with over 38 years of recovery and recently earned the NCPG’s Jeff Beck Recovery Award. Marc is the Director of Programming for Kindbridge.