Where to Get Help for Gambling Addiction

Has gambling placed you in financial or legal trouble? Has it resulted in strained relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers? Or do you feel that you’re simply spending too much time participating in the activity? Whatever the case may be, you find yourself online and asking “Where to get help for gambling addiction?”.

No matter how down you may feel at the moment, we applaud you for taking the most important first step on your path to a better life. From here, we can answer your query with a practical look at what steps you now need to take. Let’s review.

3 Pathways to Getting Help for Problematic Gambling Behavior Today

Self Exclusion

One “place” to turn when reflecting on where to get help for gambling addiction (more aptly known as gambling disorder) is found in the mirror, via self-exclusion. Self-exclusion (aka self-banning) is when you initiate a request for a gambling establishment to exclude you from the venue or a gambling activity offered at the venue. They are required by law to assist any person requesting a self-exclusion.

The proliferation of online casino and sports betting sites and smartphone applications has further enabled at-risk gamblers. On these platforms you can wager from anywhere, at anytime. Many online players do not realize that regulated online sportsbooks and casinos also offer options for self-exclusion. Options for setting the self-exclusion period will be defined by your given state/jurisdiction. Periods offered are typically 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, and 5-years. Below is an example (from a major U.S. online operator) of what self-exclusion looks like:

During the self-exclusion period:
  • You can’t log into your (operator name) account.
  • You can’t make any deposits
  • You can’t enter fantasy sports contests. 
  • You can’t make any sports wagers. 
  • You can’t play in any casino games. 
  • You can’t transact on the marketplace. 
  • You won’t be sent any direct marketing from (operator name)
  • You can’t withdraw funds from your account without monitored assistance.

Self-exclusion is a great place to start. However, research shows that most people cannot stop gambling on their own, and self-exclusion is certainly more challenging when it comes to online betting. Knowing this, and given that gambling relapse rates are high, you must supplement self-exclusion with other more effective resources.

State Resources

The U.S. state that you live within will have some form of problem gambling resource available to residents. We encourage you to perform a quick online search for a problem gambling helpline in our state.

Some of these resources are quite robust and helpful. In Massachusetts for instance, the Massachusetts Problem Gambling Helpline is in place to provide support to individuals and family members impacted by problem gambling.

Unfortunately, not every state has the infrastructure in place to provide adequate support. Few have been able to keep up with the demand that has grown along with the recent legalization of sports betting in the USA. Take Texas for example, which is bordered by the legalized states of Arkansas and Louisiana. Texas residents are permitted to travel to these states to gamble, yet a whopping 53% of all Texans (15.18 million people) live in a community that does not have adequate access to mental health professionals. Keep in mind that access limitations of this nature are with respect to general mental health services. Imagine how much more limited the access is to therapists with expertise in gambling disorder treatment?

Whether you are in a U.S. state with robust resources, or otherwise, there is one additional and highly effective place to turn to get help for your gambling problem. Please keep reading.

Online Gambling Counseling

While we encourage you to tap into the resources addressed above, there is one option that you owe it to yourself to explore – online gambling disorder counseling and therapy.

Kindbridge’s virtual treatment center for gambling disorder offers affordable (view cost of gambling rehab) and immediate support services in a confidential, safe, and welcoming environment. The platform provides options for individuals and families and also offers one-on-one sessions in addition to cost-efficient group sessions for those in search of community and interpersonal connection. You won’t find a more holistic place to get help for problem gambling than right here. Please click the banner below to begin your road to recovery:

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