Problem Gambling News June 2023

While the primary goal of our content platform is to provide problem gamblers (and their loved ones) with the resources needed to fight one of the fastest rising mental health concerns in the USA, we also feel it’s important to keep our followers informed about recent developments that impact and/or reflect the crisis. This month (so far) has been particularly noteworthy with respect to sports betting. Below is a breakdown of problem gambling news that concerned Americans need to know about.

Recent Developments in USA Sports Betting that Individuals, Households, and Organizations Impacted by Problem Gambling Should Know About

2 More States Added to Legal Sports Betting Map

Within the span of 24 hours two additional states joined the map of US states with legalized sports betting. On June 15th it was announced that North Carolina and Vermont will allow and regulate the activity. Each state will require a more robust solution to provide problem gambling support. For example, an estimated 25% of all North Carolina residents live in a community that does not have adequate access to mental health professionals, and an estimated 45% of adults in the state experience symptoms of anxiety and depression which are co-occurrent to gambling disorder.

If you reside in these states (or any state) and are concerned about how the development may impact yourself, a loved one, or someone in your organization, reach out for help.

NFL Player Lost $8 Million Gambling in 2022

One of the most shocking stories to come out of the month thus far is the report that a prominent player from the National Football League lost a whopping $8 million in gambling last season (2022). This news is coming off of the heels of a wave of recent offseason NFL suspensions regarding gambling policy violations. Despite the threat of tremendous financial loss, fines, suspensions, and lifetime bans, athletes keep breaking the rules due to co-occurring conditions and other risk factors which you can read about here.

Kindbridge works with a number of athletes and athletic organizations in providing problem gambling support, including the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation. If you’re an athlete or concerned parent, coach, manager, or representative please reach out to Kindbridge today to discuss avenues for support:

Overseas Media Bans Gambling Ads, While USA Ad Revenue Skyrockets

Since sports betting became legal in 2018 media outlets have been flooding America with gambling advertising. The indiscriminate nature of this has been especially concerning as there are little to no regulations in place to limit the exposure to vulnerable persons, including children and teens. Reputable news resources (whatever that means in modern times) in the U.S. have accepted ad revenue from online casinos and sportsbooks to promote new player registrations, with many of these marketing messages being “disguised” as editorials which can trigger unsuspecting vulnerable gamblers.

Yesterday (June 15) a major overseas media outlet took a stance and banned all forms of gambling advertising. The ban will apply worldwide to all of media group’s online and print outlets, including the Guardian, Observer, and Guardian Weekly.

Will major media in the U.S. take note and follow suit? It’s unlikely when you look at the trajectory of gambling advertising spending. Billions in ad revenue are being accepted by media, and spending has already surpassed the previous year in less than 6-months into the current annum.

Online Gambling Advertising Spending in the United States from 2021 to 2023:

Problem Gambling News


Stay tuned as Kindbridge Behavioral Health continues to keep America informed about the state of affairs in problem gambling. If you or someone you know is struggling with the behavioral health concern, reach out today.

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