Is it Bad to Go to the Casino Alone?

Like with most people who frequent casinos, you probably started off by going with friends as a part of a night on the town and/or when on vacation to the likes of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But as time went on, you found that others in your social group didn’t want to go as much, leaving you longing for the experience. As a result, you began to go on your own on the days/nights that you couldn’t find a buddy to come along with you. But nowadays, you seem to be at the casino by yourself more than you do with the gang. This has left you wondering – is it bad to go to the casino alone? Without context this is no simple question to answer. Theoretically, doing so can be as harmless as going out to dinner and a movie au solitaire. But there are a variety of conditions that may infer the existence of (or potential for) a deeper problem. Let’s have a look at what those may be, so that you can make a more informed decision before heading out the door to a casino near you.

4 Reasons Why Your Concern About Going to a Casino Alone Could Indicate an Underlying Problem

You’re Going Because You Can’t Resist the Temptation

This is the most simplistic yet telling consideration. If you have tried but can’t resist the temptation to go to the casino even when there is no one in your social group egging you to go, you may have a problematic relationship with gambling.

When the urge strikes, pause, and consider what may have caused this sudden impulse. Did something trigger it? Triggers may include exposure to an online or TV ad for a casino (which have become more frequent), or gambling may have been featured in a movie that you were watching or video game that you were playing. This apparent susceptibility to gambling-based marketing messages could infer an underlying problem. In addition, the impulse to go solo may be from boredom, which is not as facile as it sounds. Like with eating and drinking, a visit to the casino can raise dopamine levels and make you feel “better” when boredom strikes. This chemical reaction can form concerning habitual behavior.

The next time a sudden compulsion to drop whatever you’re doing and head to the casino occurs, remember this article and test your ability to abstain.

You Have a Hard Time Leaving the Casino When Alone

When going to a casino alone, you have no one with you to motivate you to leave so that you can go off and do something else together, or call it a night. This can have you playing (and spending) in the annals of the establishment for far longer than intended. This takes a mental, emotional, and physical toll. You see it in the eyes and body language of those who stumble out of casino doors at the break of dawn after having spent an entire night at the table. It’s the gambler’s version of the “walk of shame”. If you find that you have a hard time leaving when going to a casino alone, it’s time to reevaluate your behavior.

You Exhibit Other Symptoms of Problem Gambling

An inability to stay away from a gambling establishment is one sign of problem gambling. If this is occurring at the same time as other signs and symptoms of the disorder, it’s time to take action. Begin by clicking the button below.

You’re a Member of a Vulnerable Population

If you’re a member of a population that exhibits a vulnerability to problematic gambling behavior, you should not be going to the casino alone, or at all.

Who do these populations consist of? Research finds that the rate of problem gambling among members of the military is 3.5 times higher than among civilians. Meanwhile, studies have found that the prevalence of problem gambling (6%), moderate-risk gambling (14%) and low-risk gambling (19%) in athletes far exceeds the equivalent rates of the general population. In addition, there are mental and behavioral health issues that are known to cooccur with gambling disorder, including depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and alcohol use disorder. Certain medications that used to treat disorders can make users gamble more.

Moving forward, when you feel the urge to go to the casino alone when you know that you probably shouldn’t, consider participating in one of these healthier alternatives instead. And if that pull from the casino’s glistening lights and slot machine soundtrack is simply too hard to resist, pick up the phone to call a Kindbridge care-coordinator immediately.

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