How to Stop Gambling (and Save Money)

You’re online and searching “How to stop gambling and save money”. It’s an interesting choice of words, because the first four infer that you have not been successful in your attempt to do so thus far. From this, it can be deduced that you may have a gambling problem, or are at least at risk. Whatever the case may be, you made the right choice by asking for help – even if began in your Google Search bar. We can take it from here. Below is a breakdown of what you need to do to put an end to problem gambling, which will pave the way for saving money.

5 Steps to Quitting Problem Gambling and Saving Money as a Result

Step 1: Take a Quick Test to Identify Disorder

First, let’s find out if you have a gambling disorder. Knowing the severity of your habit will help identify whether or not specialized intervention is required. Kindbridge has provided a confidential and quick (2-minute) “yes or no” gambling disorder quiz. The results will let you know if you need to added support.

Step 2: Give Us a Quick Call to Clarify

The results of the quiz above will tell you one of two things. Either you have a gambling disorder, or you have a less severe gambling habit. In either case, you have more questions. We know that you may not want to commit to an official consultation quite yet. That’s fair. Instead, simply call our helpline at
+1 (877) 426-4258
to express your concerns. You may also send us an email to [email protected]. Sometimes small steps are the most important ones, so let’s give it a try.

Step 3: Remove Yourself from Exposure

Self-exclusion may be able to help when your gambling habit stems from visits to a brick and mortar casino. It’s more complicated when your gambling predominantly occurs online.

To mitigate the risk, remove yourself from exposure to triggers that lead to gambling. For a sports bettor, that means keeping out of sports bars, as alcohol and smartphone betting apps are a bad mix. It may also include a self-imposed ban on visiting certain websites. Online sportsbooks and fantasy apps are obvious call-outs, but even your go-to news resources such as CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, and the rest are full of picks and predictions to tempt your senses. Furthermore, your smartphone is an an enabler as it exposes you to apps that allow for seamless sports betting and casino play. Delete all gambling related apps from your phone immediately, and put it away when you don’t absolutely need it.

Step 4: Occupy Idle Time with Greater Productivity

Idle time is the devil’s playground, and boredom is a gateway to gambling. Beginning today, take up a more productive activity that will occupy idle time. Given that your goal is to stop gambling and save money, better engage in your work, or work towards starting that business you’ve been putting off for years. That said, avoid activities that are related to earning money off of uncertainty, as these carry the same traits as gambling. If you’re at-risk of a gambling problem, you’re likely predisposed to day-trading disorder or cryptocurrency addiction.

Step 5: Invest (in yourself) to Save

For the final step, we circle back to the beginning to where we asked you to identify the severity of your gambling problem, and to reach out for help. Ultimately, your search for an answer about how to stop gambling and save money ends in the most important call to action – invest in yourself. This investment begins in the form of FREE 15-minute conversation with our Intake Specialist to discuss how Kindbridge can support you. To learn more, please visit the following:

Following this step will not only help save you money, it may save your mental (and physical) health, your relationships, and overall quality of life. We can’t think of a more worthwhile investment.

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