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Digital transformation is driving the rise of sports betting and casino gaming activity across America. In a recent Men’s Health survey, 76% of respondents indicated that they bet through an app or website, and 67% state that they bet more since using these online platforms. This month (October 2023) it was reported that gambling operators will be using generative artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver algorithm-driven personalization that Americans currently get on e-commerce sites and social media to sports betting platforms. The expected result? Gamblers will gamble more and their debt levels will continue to rise. Of course, this is a big problem for those who have a problematic relationship with the activity.

Gambling technology is making it harder to abstain or even take a short break when it feels that things may be getting out of hand. Good ol’ fashioned gumption to go “cold turkey” doesn’t cut it when algorithms track your every digital move. Thankfully, the same types of tech that allow operators to target YOU can be used against them, so to speak. In becoming aware of what’s available, you can better manage (or end, if needed) your relationship with gambling. Let’s review.

4 Ways Modern Technology Can Help Problematic Gamblers Limit Exposure to Triggers

Operators Using AI to Identify Concerning Behavior

As mentioned above, gambling operators are using AI to get you to gamble more. Fortunately, some are using it to provide balance. For example, Kindbridge works with a number of responsible gambling operators using an advanced AI solution to track, score, and flag gamblers who exhibit signs of problematic gambling behavior. Once these players are flagged, they are referred to Kindbridge Behavioral Health to intervene.

The moral of the story, is that if you must gamble, stay far away from unregulated sports betting and casino gaming operators. They are not looking out for your best interests. Instead, only look towards those who have a track record of customer care. This will require that you keep up to date on responsible gaming practices in the USA. You can do so by bookmarking our resource of problem gambling articles. From there you can follow along with current events that relate to today’s topic. For instance, did you know that two of the largest online operators in the USA – BetMGM and DraftKings – have joined forces with Kindbridge to support players who have been flagged as being at-risk?

Advanced Software to Block Access to Gambling Sites

Fight fire with fire even further by using gambling blocking software such as Gamban. which is available for download at Apple and Google Play. The app can be downloaded on all your devices to restrict access to thousands of gambling websites and apps.

Sports Streaming Services without Gambling Ads

The same algorithms that track your past gambling behavior are responsible for delivering gambling promotions to your devices when watching sports on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Although, those who watch sports the traditional way on TV are also inundated with sports betting and casino advertising. Do you have to stop watching sports? Thanks to technology you can still enjoy the game. Online streaming platforms are available that allow you access to commercial-free sports coverage on your TV or web-enabled device. We’re not going to recommend any specific digital networks, but they they are available to showcase the biggest games of the week as they happen in real time, along with related news and highlights. Do your homework regarding options and you’ll be able to stream sports online without being excessively triggered to make wagers.

Virtual Counseling for Problem Gambling

Lastly, and most importantly, technology has allowed the problem gamblers of America instant access to support, even if just to confirm whether or not a problem exists. You can begin by taking a quick online quiz to begin your journey of self-discovery:

Whether the test unveiled a problem, or you simply prefer to speak to a gambling disorder specialist prior to assessment, you can use your smartphone right now to initiate contact and schedule a virtual session no matter where you may be. Click here to get started or read more on how Kindbridge virtual counseling is able to counteract the gambling technology that could be doing you harm.

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