Gambling Counselors Near Me? What to Do When There Are None

The United States of America is in the throes of a problem gambling crisis. As state-by-state gambling revenues hit record numbers, so are call volumes to gambling addiction helplines. It has reached the point that public service organizations are recommending that healthcare professionals ask patients about their relationship with gambling when they exhibit mental health conditions that may make them more vulnerable to gambling disorder.

Between the 42% of Americans who actively gamble in casinos and the estimated 65 million residents who bet on sports, there’s a good chance that problem gambling has impacted everyone’s life in some manner. It certainly has for you, as you’ve just performed an online search for “gambling counselors near me”. The problem, is that in your search you have found very limited resources for your locale. You’re not alone, as just this week the President of Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling reported that the state needs more gambling therapists. The demand is high across all U.S. states but the “supply” of on-premises support systems is simply not there for most communities. This information does little to help you and your household, but thankfully you’ve uncovered this resource. Below is a breakdown of why you can get the help you need through powerful online therapy.

4 Reasons Why Problem Gamblers in America Benefit from Online Counseling Through Kindbridge Behavioral Health

Specialized Therapy is Powerful Therapy

The most important advantage is steeped in the fact that Kindbridge therapists specialize in treatment for gambling disorder. They are experts in forms of treatment such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which is an action-oriented psychotherapy practice rooted in traditional behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy that has shown to be effective in treating gambling disorder. Simply put, you will receive counseling from a professional who knows exactly what you (and your loved ones) are going through, and knows how to put you on the road to recovery.

Immediate Help

Even if you found a specialized therapist in your city or town the odds of getting in to see them right away would be slim. Conversely, online counseling for problem gambling through Kindbridge can begin today. Given the dangers of sports betting and casino gaming, every day that you wait to get help puts you deeper in danger. Click the button below to get immediate help:

Works with Your Schedule

Workplace responsibilities and travel along with important family engagements and the like should not prevent you from getting the help you need. Unlike with in-clinic counseling, online counseling for problem gambling through Kindbridge adheres to your calendar. Discover this advantage by scheduling a first session for a day/time that works with your schedule:

Affordable Treatment

Gambling counseling won’t be effective if you can’t attend regular sessions. Unfortunately, cost often keeps many Americans from putting in the required work at an on-premises treatment center. Online therapy however, is generally more affordable. Online counseling services overhead is typically lower, and those savings are often passed down to you. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend money to commute to/from a clinic, nor miss work to accommodate therapist availability during business hours. In addition, you can take advantage of more affordable (compared to individual sessions) online support groups for gambling addiction. You may also qualify for gambling disorder coverage via insurance, which lowers the overall cost.

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