Artificial Intelligence in Gambling Threatens Vulnerable Gamblers

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has many wondrous applications in the world of health and wellness. For instance, Kindbridge works with a number of responsible gambling operators using an advanced AI solution to track, score, and flag gamblers who exhibit signs of problematic gambling behavior. Once these individuals are flagged, they are referred to Kindbridge Behavioral Health to intervene before things go too far. This system is an example of how AI can be beneficial.

But of course, there is a dark side to the use of artificial intelligence in gambling. Make no bones about it, priority-one for online sportsbooks and casinos is to leverage the technology to get players to gamble more. A recent Men’s Health study found that 67% of sports bettors wager more frequently since downloading a betting app, and you’d better believe that CRM software behind mobile gambling has been and will increase the use of AI in tracking player behavior to get them more invested in the experience. In fact, this week FOX Business reported that generative artificial intelligence is poised to deliver algorithm-driven personalization that consumers currently get on e-commerce and social media platforms to the world of sports betting:

“Well then when you log in to the book, it’s not just transactional… Guess what, the Giants are playing tonight, there’s a special on a parlay bet and you can get it two-for-one or whatever, and we use AI to do some articles on the Giants and pulling some data on the lines,” which Phythian said will help retain users on the platform.”

FOX Business

As we move into 2024 and beyond, sports betting and casino experiences will be based more on the interests and preferences of individual users. This does more than “benefit” the user, as it opens the gates for operators to grow their base not just by increasing the time a player spends on a platform (as per above) but by getting them to try other types of gambling experiences. For example, if an operator wants to convert a sports bettor into a casino gamer, AI integrations will pick up on the fact that the player primarily bets on football, and can then deliver marketing messages for football-themed slot games as a means to lure them in.

AI will increase the time players spend on gambling platforms and will result in increases in crossover conversions (sports bettors into casino gamers, and vice versa). Collectively this will be problematic for those who are vulnerable to developing gambling disorder. That being said, ALL gambling consumers need to become more mindful about their own behavior as AI becomes more tightly tethered to the industry. As recent reports have made abundantly clear, increases in gambling leads to increases in problem gambling. If you’re at all concerned about how AI can be used to manipulate your gambling practices, please follow the tips below.

4 Things to do to Keep Online Sportsbooks and Casinos from Using Artificial Intelligence to Manipulate Your Gambling Practices

Don’t Connect Social Profiles to Gambling Platforms

AI will use more than your activity on gambling platforms to personalize your experience and get you to gamble more. It will analyze the entire online breadcrumb trail, namely how you behave on social platforms. For this reason, keep your social media profiles completely separate from your online gambling (and DFS) accounts. If an operator attempts to entice you to claim a bonus by sharing a promotion on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok – don’t do it. As soon as you make that connection between digital profiles AI bots will get to work and build your player persona accordingly.

Use a Separate Device for Online Gambling

If possible, use a completely different mobile device for online gambling. AI is used to connect to more than your social media activity, but also eCommerce practices and communications made from your devices. If you must gamble, do so from a “clean” device that has no connection to your life. It may cost a little more to buy a new smartphone or tablet, but it will be cheaper than what you will end up paying by gambling more because the house always wins.

Important: This device should not be a “secret” device from your household, as that is a tactic used by some problem gamblers to hide their activity from their families. If you ever have to hide your gambling activities from others, you may have a problem with gambling and should speak to someone about it right away.

Use a Separate Email for Online Gambling

Your email allows AI to gather information about you. If the email address you use to sign-up with an online sportsbook and casino is tied to social profiles and eCommerce sites (and more) AI can build your persona accordingly. Therefore, the advice is the same as it is for mobile devices – if you must gamble, do so from a new and “clean” email address that has no connection to the rest of your life.

Asses Vulnerability to Gambling Disorder (and back away)

Have you been told by loved ones that you may have a gambling problem? Have you suspected it yourself? Where there’s smoke there’s generally fire, so it’s VERY important for you to identify whether or not you have a gambling problem, or even if you are vulnerable to developing one. If so, you need to understand that AI (in the hands of certain operators) is about to make matters worse. If there has ever been a time for a problem gambler to stop gambling, it’s now!

Kindbridge has provided resources to help you identify your level of vulnerability. Please click the links below to access these resources:

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