Therapy in Pennsylvania

With Kindbridge, therapy in Pennsylvania is accessible and convenient. Anyone struggling with mental health problems can get online counseling, anytime, anywhere. Start today by booking a free 30-minute consultation so we can discuss your options.

Our Pennsylvania Teletherapists

Our highly-trained Pennsylvania therapists use the latest evidence-based treatment practices to deliver the most effective care. Together, we will agree which technique is most suitable for your mental health needs.

Julian Katz


“I wish to help my clients who are greatly affected by the disease of addiction, especially gambling, to get their lives back on track.”


Gambling, Drug Abuse, Alcohol, Coping Skills

How to start therapy in Pennsylvania

You, or a loved one, should have immediate access to mental health care. However, the average wait time for a mental health appointment across the country is 21 days. At Kindbridge, you can get started right away with high-quality online treatment..


Step 1: Meet with a Care Coordinator

Attend your appointment and we will discuss your goals and aspirations to help get a feel for what you are looking for in a Counselor


Step 2: Get matched with one of our Therapists

Your therapist will bring their clinical knowledge and expertise to help set your goals and get you on track right from the first meeting.


Step 3: Begin your mental health recovery journey

You and your counselor will work together to build a plan of action that makes sense for your situation and will schedule an attendance cadence that will help you reach your goals.

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