Treatment & Therapy for Athletes with Gambling Problems

Athlete Predisposition to Gambling Disorder

Mental Health Services for Athletes in the USA

Research consistently shows that athletes are more predisposed to gambling disorder than much of the general population. The competitive and fearless nature that makes one effective
on the court, track, and field can spill over into other adrenaline inducing arenas – including the casino floor or online portal to sports betting. The problem with these outlets, is that they don’t end with the final tick of a game clock and whistle. Athletes are left to their own self-discipline, never realizing that the house always wins. They’ve entered a viscous cycle of trying to win against an unrelenting opponent. From there, financial ruin often ensues. Moreover, mental health suffers as adrenaline-highs transform into anxiety, stress, and depression.

Athlete Barriers to Getting Help for Gambling Addiction

Despite this predisposition to gambling disorder, athletes are less likely to seek mental health help than the general population they’re being compared against. This is due to the unfortunate stigma that admitting to having a gambling problem is the same as admitting defeat. How can one be among the elite in their chosen sport, when they can’t control their own behavior elsewhere? The good news is that the stigma is slowly lifting. Professional athletes are opening up about their own struggles with mental health. This has encouraged those at an amateur, collegiate, and professional level to seek help for gambling problems. The problem to follow, however, is access. Athletes can see their team/organization physician or physiotherapist to address a physical injury, but who can they turn to for gambling disorder treatment?

Traditional mental health counselors who work with the community as a whole do not have the required insight into the mind of an athlete. They are not as versed in what an athlete faces every given day as they juggle competitive sports with their other roles and responsibilities. The knowledge and experience gap is further divided by adding gambling disorder as the behavioral health concern. And this is where Kindbridge Behavioral Health comes in.

Dedicated Therapy for Athletes with Gambling Problems

Kindbridge has introduced the world’s first behavioral health platform with a focus on treatment and therapy for gambling disorder in athletes. Our counsellors work with athletes to get to the core of the problem, while directly providing therapy for correlated anxiety, stress, and depression. Furthermore, Kindbridge facilitates healing in an individual or group environment, so that athletes can relate to one another in a safe and secure setting that works for them. In addition, Kindbridge offers counseling for athlete family members who have been impacted by their loved ones’ gambling addiction.

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