What Is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is online therapy delivered via video calls, audio calls, messaging tools or email.

It dates back to the late 1950s when the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute started using the earliest form of videoconferencing to provide therapy. Teletherapy developed throughout the 1970s and 1980s and started becoming more mainstream during the 1990s. Today, many clinicians see online therapy as the future of therapy.

There are many benefits of teletherapy outlined below. The main one is the convenience of receiving treatment remotely without having to attend the therapist’s office in person. Other key factors are cost savings and getting access to specialist therapists for gaming disorder and compulsive gambling who may be unavailable locally.

Teletherapy is in demand now more than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic has fueled the need for online counseling, with many people unable to attend in-person therapy sessions due to restrictions. At Kindbridge, we believe this shift to teletherapy is a permanent one.

Benefits of Teletherapy

Online therapy has many benefits over in-person therapy:

Benefits For Problematic Gamers and Gamblers

  • More Accessible Treatment Teletherapy is accessible to everyone, no matter where you live or if you have disabilities that make attending in-person therapy sessions more difficult. All you need is an internet connection and phone, tablet or laptop. Many people are unable to get specialist treatment for gaming disorder or gambling addiction locally – teletherapy offers equal access to professional treatment. There is also a shortage of mental health professionals in 77% of counties in the US, and teletherapy gives everyone with mental health problems an equal platform for getting help.
  • Lower Costs If you attend in-person therapy, you have to cover the cost of transportation in addition to therapy costs. And, if your therapist doesn’t operate near your home, these costs can rise rapidly. With teletherapy, there is no need to travel for treatment, which lowers the overall cost of receiving therapy. Delivering therapy virtually also reduces costs for the therapist which may lead to lower price offerings for customers.
  • Licensed Professionals You’ll get access to licensed professionals with experience of treating people with gaming disorder and compulsive gambling problems, as well as co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety and relationship problems.
  • Tailored Plan If you opt for teletherapy mental health counseling, you will be given a tailored plan designed specifically for you. It will be created by mental health professionals based on your individual needs and the information you provide.
  • Highly Effective Teletherapy clients report high levels of satisfaction. The majority of people are happy with this type of treatment, saying it’s just as effective as in-person therapy. Many patients report high levels of effectiveness after just a few weeks of online therapy.
  • More Privacy One of the main goals of teletherapy is to provide a safe and confidential environment that makes you feel comfortable. There is no need to sit in a busy waiting area; you can choose exactly where you receive therapy. The counselor will ensure that all the information you divulge remains confidential. Sessions are not recorded or shared and you can be confident that all information you give to the therapist will remain private.
  • Flexible and Convenient Teletherapy allows you to schedule sessions at times that are convenient; it’s easy to fit them into your life. Some services allow you to contact your therapist at any time and they will respond as quickly as possible.

Benefits For Loved Ones

  • Confidentiality If a loved one has a gambling addiction or gaming disorder, teletherapy provided will be completely confidential. All the information that you and your loved ones share with the therapist will remain totally private. Kindbridge is Hipaa compliant.
  • Help for Stress, Anxiety and Depression Online counselors are trained to help loved ones of gamblers and gamers who may be struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. Kindbridge counselors can help you develop effective coping tools and communication skills so you’ll be able to provide better support for your loved one in treatment.
  • Improved Family Relationships Gaming disorder and gambling addiction can have a devastating impact on the whole family which can lead to increased conflict and strained relationships. Teletherapy can support everyone affected with mechanisms and tips that will help improve family dynamics and provide a healthy platform for your loved one to get well.

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Online therapy is similar to having therapy in person. The only real difference is that you have more options to choose how and where it takes places. Teletherapy sessions are usually conducted via video call, but can be done using other mediums, including voice chat, text chat, email and phone call. A licensed therapist will listen to your problems and concerns, and design a program tailored specifically to your needs.

Why Choose Kindbridge?

At Kindbridge we’re building the largest network of mental health treatment providers with a focus on gambling and gaming disorders in the US. We offer a tailored digital patient experience that delivers excellent care and the highest quality recovery outcomes.

You, and your loved ones, can receive teletherapy for gaming disorder and compulsive gambling, as well as mental health counseling online for depression, anxiety and stress, at a time and place to suit you.

Free Consultation For Problematic Gamers and Gamblers

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If you would like to try teletherapy, book a free consultation where we can discuss your problems and answer any questions you may have about online therapy.

Free Consultation For Loved Ones

If your loved one has gambling addiction, gaming disorder or associated mental health problems, you may need help too. You do not have to go through this alone. Teletherapy can give you tools to understand what you may be going through and the support to cope. Call us for a confidential chat or book a free consultation.

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