NASCAR Day Giveathon 2023

Kindbridge Behavioral Health, together with the Kindbridge Research Institute, is proud to join the pit crew with NASCAR and The NASCAR Foundation to support the upcoming NASCAR Day Giveathon. Below is breakdown of everything you need to know about this worthy cause.

Celebrating the 2023 NASCAR Day Giveathon and How You Can Get Involved

What is the NASCAR Day Giveathon?

For the uninitiated, NASCAR Day is a special race day that runs annually on the third Friday in May. It creates an interactive experience between drivers, celebrities, sponsors, and millions of fans. The NASCAR Foundation – a leading charitable organization that works to improve the lives of children through enhanced medical care and more – tethers an important fundraising event to each NASCAR Day.

This year, in honor of NASCAR’s 75th Anniversary, the organizations are getting together to launch the NASCAR Day Giveathon. Drivers, teams, crew members, racetracks and others will participate in a 75-hour event to raise $750,000 for non-profits across the country. The NASCAR Day Giveathon will connect to fans virtually in their homes, businesses, and gathering places around the world. Supporters will enjoy opportunities to win prizes along with added incentives including matching donations to nonprofit organizations that they care about.

When is the 2023 NASCAR Day Giveathon?

The 2023 NASCAR Day Giveathon will begin on May 16 at 5:00 PM (ET) and end on May 19 at 8:00 PM (ET) for a total of 75 Hours of giving. Click the button below to join the countdown:

How You Can Participate in the NASCAR Day Giveathon

We’re excited to have you join the legion of fans and crew of supporters! The NASCAR Day Giveathon makes it easy for new donors to find and connect with nonprofit organizations making an impact on the causes they (you) care about. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Make donations to your favorite nonprofits between May 16 to May 19.
  • Share your favorite nonprofits on social media. Be sure tag @Kindbridge @NASCAR and @NASCAR_FDN when you do.
  • Show your support by participating in real-time activities during the 75-hour fundraiser.

In addition to getting support from individuals and households, we encourage the business community to support the campaign.

Here are ways your company can get involved in the NASCAR Day Giveathon:

  • Sponsorship: Make a donation to our General Fund during the 75-hour event. Your donation will go directly to participating charities through hourly matches and prize incentives! Click here for more information on Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Employee Engagement: Challenge employees to raise funds for the NASCAR Day Giveathon with your own internal challenges. The event runs during the work week (May 16-19) so you can come up with something fun that can be done “in office” to get everyone more engaged. We’d love to hear what you have in store, so be sure tag @Kindbridge and @NASCAR_FDN when sharing your participation on social media.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Is there an internal cause that your company is passionate about? Streamline your donations to that cause or have your nonprofit partner sign up to participate in the NASCAR Day Giveathon. Your employees’ donations can also go directly to that nonprofit. Contact [email protected] to chat about how we can make it happen together.

NASCAR Day Giveathon 2023

Kindbridge Behavioral Health has a number of causes that we care about, with a focus on mental health support for people who struggle with problem gambling and gaming. We work closely with athletes along with athletic organizations across the USA which is why we’re lending our support to NASCAR Day Giveathon. If you would like to learn more about how you can support these causes, contact the Kindbridge Research Institute. Otherwise, we look forward to having you join the crew this NASCAR Day Giveathon!