Kindbridge is making it easier for gamblers and gamers to find the help they need.

We’re building the largest network of mental health treatment providers with a focus on gambling and gaming disorders in the United States.

Our job is to provide a tailored digital patient experience that is fit to deliver top patient care and the highest quality recovery outcomes so that our therapists can focus entirely on their patients.

COVID-19 has changed things. Permanently.

Teletherapy is in demand now more than ever, and Kindbridge is dedicated to a centralized, value-based approach to delivering timely, efficient, and effective care on-demand across the US. Diagnosing and treating qualified mental health, gambling & gaming disorders, and any related co-morbidities in a virtual telemedicine setting allows our patient access to a treatment plan from their own home. We provide the highest quality, HIPAA compliant, virtual technologies for our therapists to connect with their patients in an organized, efficient, and confidential manner. Creating a virtual ecosystem that drives successful outcomes allows our patients to stay safe, distanced, and healthy.

Daniel Umfleet

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Daniel oversees the Kindbridge executive team with a specific focus on the go-to-market operations of Kindbridge, including health system partnerships, technology partnerships, addiction research partnerships, and go-to-market strategy.

Trent Lambert

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

As CCO, Trent oversees the commercial strategy of Kindbridge with a specific focus on business development, including investor relationships and securing strategic partnerships in the gaming, gambling, and addiction treatment industries.

Robert Jordshaugen

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Robert oversees the operational efficiency of Kindbridge with a specific focus on regulatory compliance, recruiting, revenue cycle management, technical systems management, and clinical performance.

lori rugle

Dr. Lori Rugle

Clinical Director

Lori is responsible for developing and executing strategies to allow for continued growth and provide clinical training to the Kindbridge staff and interns. She also oversees the day-to-day clinical administration functions.

Marc Lefkowitz

Director of Program Management

Marc conducts and supervises development programs for employees. He assesses where training is most needed, identifies the necessary training and trainers, and evaluates the effectiveness of the training provided.

Amanda Powlesland

Marketing Director

Amanda is responsible for global marketing strategy. She oversees the marketing team, media relations and brand strategy. She assesses day-to-day marketing activities and identifies opportunities for growth.

Kindbridge has assembled a team of advisors comprised of some of the most forward-thinking minds when it comes to gambling and gaming addiction.

The purpose of the board is to guide our thinking in how we design, execute, measure, and improve the way that care is delivered for gambling and gaming addictions. Digital well-being is very important to us at Kindbridge, and we believe that this team will help us change the game for gambling and gaming treatment across the globe.

Dr. Tim Fong

MD, Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry

Dr. Stephanie Diez-Morel


Dr. Jeremiah Weinstock

Ph. D., Psychology

Cam Adair

Entrepreneur, Founder, TedX Speaker

Jay Berk

Dr. Jay Berk


Jody Bechtold


Andrew Walsh


Rutgers logo

Dr. Lia Nower


Mental health is pivotal to happiness, and when it comes to emotions, it can sometimes be challenging to recognize or admit that we need help.

Understanding how gaming or gambling may be impacting your wellbeing is a journey we can help with. Change begins with you. It’s just about finding the right guidance at a convenient time.

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